MCS Valuations

MCS Valuations is one of the leading full-service valuations companies in the industry, performing property valuations in all 50 U.S. states and surrounding territories. MCS Valuations has a long history of providing data-validated valuations utilizing industry-leading quality tools combined with excellent customer service by our highly qualified staff. This approach delivers data integrity along with valuation accuracy resulting in a dependable product for use throughout the lifecycle of a loan. Our tenured management brings years of mortgage lending experience as well as active participation in the valuation industry.

The MCS Valuations (MCSV) product suite includes BPOs, appraisals and evaluations. We manage our vendor panel to stringent quality standards and provide them with regular quality scoring feedback as well as the education and tools to fulfill assignments. Once submitted, our internal quality process and tools are utilized and interpreted by our staff to ensure that the product being delivered to our clients meets their quality expectations.