BPO Panel

At MCS Valuations we consider our Panel an extension of our company. Our  panel members are the most professional, experienced and knowledgeable partners available in the field. We have developed an extensive nationwide network of real estate professionals who perform BPOs for our clients.

Our Philosophy
MCS Valuations is committed to recruiting, training and retaining highly qualified real estate professionals to fulfill our clients' needs. Our Panel is comprised of real estate professionals, referred to as “Field Associates” (FAs), vital to the success of our business. We are committed to matching each order to a highly qualified, locally competent, independent FA, every time.

We focus our recruiting efforts on building relationships with professional, knowledgeable and experienced real estate professionals. A candidate who is interested in joining our Panel can submit an application with the required documentation to our Panel Management Team using the link below: 

Diversity Program Policy Statement and Commitment
MCS Valuations understands the importance of supporting and promoting diversified enterprises in the economies of our nation, the states and the communities we service. We are compelled to pursue successful business relationships with diversified vendors in order to create sustainable economic development in the communities where we live, work and provide services on behalf of our clients. Our vendor management group is committed to making good-faith efforts to give all diversified vendors an opportunity to compete and provide professional quality services. Click here for more information about the MCS diversity program.